How does Slazzer’s API work?

Images Supported By Slazzer’s API

All pictures need to have a clear foreground. Main subjects like product, car, person, animal, graphics, or real estate JPG or PNG images are supported up to 12 megabytes and 25 megapixel resolution.

Slazzer’s API Features

  • Ultra accurate cutouts for all image categories of people, products, cars, animals, graphics and real estate
  • Process millions of images per month
  • Speeds are approximately 1 second per megapixel
  • Versatile code and parameters for every situation
  • Custom upgrades and automatic design templates available

How To Use The Slazzer API Service

Here is the step-by-step process that will guide you through the usage of Slazzer’s API service. Hint: It’s a 100% automatic & self serve platform for all developers throughout the world.

  • Then go to your Slazzer profile and navigate to the API documentation
  • Choose your environment (Kotlin, PHP, Python, Java, Swift, Object-C, Node JS)
  • Or go to the Slazzer library on GitHub
  • Select the snippet of code and integrate it into your app, website or system
  • Buy credits and activate the API key
  • You’re ready to go — it’s instant!



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