How to get the perfect white balance on your Photographs?

Auto White Balance

Let’s start with the white balance basics — auto white balance. Most cameras and post-image processing softwares come with an option to use Auto White Balance or AWB. This setting makes it possible for the camera to evaluate the scene and choose the best white balance setting to use so that the photograph turns out closest to what your eyes capture.

Using A Grey Card

Nothing is more frustrating and dissatisfying than clicking a picture and finding out that the colors are inaccurate. In such situations, the grey card acts like a superhero, saving the day of the photographers. As long as a reference point exists, a grey card will be sufficient to set both the exposure and white balance in photography consistently. This reference point will prompt your camera to compensate for any illuminant color in the background by adjusting the white balance and removing all unwanted color casts. If the problem persists with the background, Slazzer bg removal software may help to effortlessly delete the background and then replace it with a new backdrop.

Color Temperature

Have you ever looked at a night sky and observed stars. Though very far away from our planet Earth, we can still analyze their colors and shape. They are of different colors because of their surface temperature, where blue and white stars are hotter than red and yellow stars. But what is color temperature, and how does it affect the photographs?

Using Kelvin to set the White Balance

Kelvin scale is used to measure color temperature and is a great way to set the white balance. The temperature scale used in photography ranges from about 2000K (K=Kelvin) to 9000K, with higher numbers corresponding to bluer, or ‘cooler’ tones and lower numbers corresponding to yellower, ‘warmer’ tones.



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