Methods to optimize your Photoshop workflow

1. Library to save all your favorite tools

The library panel allows you to save different style elements and assets like brushes, color corrections, textures, lens flare, gradients, graphics, and text style in an easily accessible panel across Creative Cloud Library. It not only saves a ton of time, but you can also share the library with your teammates and collaborate with them on different projects. Even if you are offline, you can still access the items stored in the library. Any changes done can be synced once you get back online.

2. Using Action Commands, you won’t have to repeat the same actions again and again

Many photos require editing in the same way. This task can be very monotonous. Photoshop created a solution, an action command to save you from the boredom of doing the same editing and save your precious time.

3. Use of Plugins for increasing Photoshop’s power

If you are an ardent user of photoshop, one more thing that can help you speed up your process is the use of third-party plugins. There are a lot of amazing plugins available in the market that have stayed current with all the Adobe upgrades. For instance, plugins like -

4. Use of Layer masks

A Layer mask is another fascinating feature offered by Photoshop where you can hide a portion of your layer without actually erasing the pixels. This function is so easy and convenient that it will make you wonder how you did without them in the first place.

5. Learning Photoshop Shortcuts

Photoshop is so vast that all the information, tips, and tricks can appear overwhelming. There are so many things to know that we think any extra knowledge, even the one that saves us time would put pressure on the brain. So we tend to ignore the shortcuts.



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